Astronizer is currently still under heavy development. It's intended for alignment (registration) and stacking of astronomical images as well as processing of these images.
The current version includes the following features:

  • Creationg of Masterframes (bias frames, dark frames, flat frames, dark flats) out of an arbitrary count of single frames
  • Alignment/Registration of raw images (light frames)
  • Stacking of raw images with application of dark, flat and bias frames
  • Calibration of light frames with dark-, flat- and bias frames
  • Kalibrieren der Lightframes mit Hilfe der Dark-, Flat und Biasframes
  • Background removal (removal of gradients)
  • Background color neutralization (white balancing)
  • creation of stacked frames with the following algorithms:
    • Average
    • Median
    • Sigma-Stacking
  • for Outliers/bad pixels the following features are also included:
    • Trim
    • Winsorize
  • Multi-Threading-Support for registration and stacking, as well as master frame creation and calibration
    This way multiple frames can be processed at the same time, resulting in less calculation time
  • Memory usage can be limited, but Astronizer will do calculations faster with more available memory
  • Stretching of image data for preview without modifying the original data
  • Combine images by addition, substraction, multiplication, division and negative multiplication
  • currently supported file formats: RAW (tested for some Canon and Nikon models) via libraw and FITS (via cfitsio)
  • Multi-Language. Currently supported languages: English and German


A first test version is available for download here: Download


Notice: The current version is an early testing version!
You may need to deal with some errors. If possible, please don't work with your original files, instead use a working copy to prevent data loss. You agree to use this program at your very own risk. The author of this program does not assume any liability!

First tests of this program were successfully and different bugs were fixed.



V 0.0.7 Build 6 - 2018-02-01

- improved german translations
- errors during winsorize/trim fixed

V 0.0.7 Build 5 - 2018-01-28

- Multilanguage-Support and started translation into German

V 0.0.7 Build 4 - 2018-01-25

- fixed crashes while writing log file entries and output into message window

V 0.0.7 Build 3 - 2018-01-24

- new version of cfitsio: v3420, own build from sources with usage of pthreads, the official version had problems with multithreading

V 0.0.7 Build 2 - 2018-01-23

- AVX-option in compiler disabled, application wasn't working on some older hardware